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Frequently Asked Questions

Peak Processing provides more than just manufacturing and co-packing services, we also offer our partners quality, safety, and consistency at every step of production. This, along with our wealth of industry experience and established networks of distribution will help you bring innovative and successful products to market.

In addition to contract manufacturing and tolling services our capabilities include product development, formulation, commercial insights, regulatory and quality assurance in the cannabis industry.

In short, the answer is yes! Estimates suggest that the market for edibles and alternative cannabis products in Canada is worth C$2.7 billion annually. As it stands, 11% of Canadians already consume these products, and this number is only expected to grow, with edible products offering a more discrete and accessible way to consume cannabis.1

Reference: 1. Deloitte. Nurturing new growth. Canada gets ready for Cannabis 2.0 (2019).

Peak Processing Solutions has the capability to manufacture an extensive range of consumer cannabis products.

Explore just some of the products we are able to manufacture below. For specific product queries, please contact us.

Beverage Products:

Carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, water, fruit drinks, teas, drops, ready-to-use water-soluble powders, and other small liquid formats.

Extract Products:

Vape pens and cartridges, tinctures, sprays, oils, resin and various concentrate forms.

Topical Products:

Lotions, creams, gels, serums, mists, massage oils, balms and bath products.

Today there are five product classes approved for sale in Canada: dried cannabis, cannabis oil, fresh cannabis, cannabis plants and cannabis plant seeds.

Effective as of October 17 2019, three new product classes will be added to the schedule of approved product classes: (i) edible cannabis (for eating or drinking),
(ii) cannabis extracts (for ingesting or inhaling), and (iii) cannabis topicals (for application to skin, hair and nails). This will allow a new generation of cannabis-based products to enter the market.